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Employing new people is an exciting part of running or growing a business.

MyJobContracts® makes it easier for you to confirm a new staff hire, by providing you with a simple way to draft a suitable employment contract, even if the employee is on an award.

Whilst it's not mandatory to have a written employment contract in place, it provides a documented point of reference for both parties and therefore minimises potential disputes. The contract should be compliant with the Fair Work Act.

We recommend that you send an employment contract to any new or existing employees. This includes contracts for full-time, part-time, casual staff, apprentices and fixed-term.

Some of the issues to consider include:

Job duties, duration, remuneration including any bonuses or commissions, allowances, leave entitlements, superannuation, probationary period, termination, confidentiality, non-compete and social media usage.

Each industry and role is different and have their unique sets of expectations and legal requirements. For example, the ownership of intellectual property may be relevant to a professional, but is generally not of interest to a tradie. You want a quality employment contract that is suitable to your business and takes into account your specific issues.

Our online wizard will guide you through a series of easy-to-understand questions, relevant to the role and your business, before we instantly draft a customised contract, ready to be sent for signing.

In addition to your employment contract we will also provide you with compulsory documents required under the Fair Work Act, including the Fair Work Information Statement and the Casual Employment Information Statement (if applicable). We will also provide you with an Annualised Salary Letter if it is relevant to your employee.

MyJobContracts® is a great service for organisations who wish to onboard new employees and manage their contractual requirements through an easy-to-use online process.

Who we are

MyJobContracts® is an Australian organisation. Our team is responsible for the successful legal automation service TPAL, which helps Australian organisations and agencies generate terms and conditions, and acquire competition permits using a simple online tool.

Why we exist

We are driven by a desire to continue to innovate and come up with new ideas, about how we can improve the interaction between organisations who require legal services and those who offer it.

Employing a tradie?

Tradespeople require additional contract inclusions to cover their unique employment circumstances.

Our wizard supports tradie employment agreements, allowing you customise the contract for any trade, including electricians, carpenters, plumbers, and more.

We even support apprentice contracts.

Visit our tradies page

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