Contract management

Maintain your employment contracts in the cloud via our secure platform and document important changes to the contracts as individual circumstances change. Over time, it is likely that the original terms and conditions of a contract need to be updated.

For example, you may increase a staff member’s salary or change a commission structure. Or you may agree to alter the days or hours that a part-time employee works. There are many reasons why the terms of a contract may need to be updated.

In most cases, you do not need to re-draft the actual contract. Instead MyJobContracts™ enables you to draft a “variation”. This is a separate document, outlining the changes, and signed by the employer and employee via

Having a documented reference point for agreed changes to the engagement eliminates any potential misunderstandings or future disputes. Whilst a verbal agreement is generally legally valid, a signed agreement provides better evidence of the change and can be referred to by both parties.

Our guided and interactive wizard makes the process easy and we maintain records of all variations that you may issue for a specific employee.

  • Salary increase
  • New commission scheme
  • Updated entitlements
  • Change in hours
  • Change in duties
  • New location